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As an interior designer I often sought out patterns that invoked a unique atmosphere or feeling in the environment. We know today that images and colors are strong transmitters and communicators. I searched to find a supplier that used the full expression of both color and geometric shape in their products. It turned out not to be so easy.

I have always been keen to do a good job wherever I am. I like what is genuine and authentic. I began drawing geometric designs myself. In this way I discovered sacred geometry, that which the universe, all of nature and all matter consists of.

The patterns and colors of sacred geometry vibrate on a subtle level thereby enhancing the characteristics, qualities and moods of the people and the room. The patterns radiate a clear balancing energy in combination with the color vibration. Studies show how we create our reality through having the same vibrations inside as well as outside of us. We process as many as eighty thousand thoughts per day. Our thoughts create our feelings and that in turn creates our vibrational frequency. We need environments that support what we need more of in life.

The products are not only beautiful to look at, but are also an everyday tool to strengthen the qualities we wish to reinforce. When we change our mind, or when we consciously choose, we alter our reality.

I grew up on a farm far out in the countryside. As a child I loved to wander naked through nature wearing only my boots, I loved to feel the freedom and balance there. For me everything is energy. I have always been easily effected by my environment. If people are happy, angry, sad, or if an interior environment conveys balance or imbalance, I always felt it. I believe we are often aware of this and are influenced consciously or unconsciously by our environment.

When I worked for a time as a social worker, my aim was to assist people gain a sense of orientation in life. Together we set out goals and discussed what surroundings people should be in to achieve those goals. As an interior-designer I create and balance shapes, colors and materials to give life to the feeling a person or a company wants to communicate.

Studies show how thought and emotions have an influence over what you create in your life. My desire is for you to plunge into your own feelings and create the atmosphere you want to live in. What do you dream about? What do you want? How does it feel to have these things and what does it mean for you to own those qualities in yourself, as well as in your life or in your organization? The product names convey a message about the qualities you aim to strengthen.

When we have the same vibration inside and outside, we create our best reality.



POISE PATTERN makes a difference to people and the environment. Our organic products enhance positive feelings in the atmosphere. The designs utilize patterns in sacred geometry as well as color vibrations as combined tools to enhance different aspects of your life.

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