Sacred Geometry

How is it that a pattern can affect your well-being?

You have probably heard that colors can affect us in different ways, that blue is calming to our emotions, orange is stimulating, and maybe even that brown and beige are used when we need to be in contact with our own energy.

Poise Pattern believes that these influences are tangible. Forms, colors and patterns, affect us even to the extent that they can make a significant difference to our well-being and balance when we are conscious in our choices.

The patterns in our products come from a tradition of knowledge that stretches back in time at least a thousand years. The understanding about how lines and forms function together to create balance. This ancient knowledge is known as, “Sacred Geometry”. The same principles are found throughout the natural world, in its forms and its structures. Indeed it is found everywhere.

Our customers report that they sleep better when they use our duvets and sheets.

Whilst you are sleeping with the finely constructed forms around you, the colors and patterns work through the night establishing calmness, harmony and balance during your unconscious hours. When you wake up refreshed and well rested is it purely coincidence, or can we establish that there is a connection?

Geometry is a very old word, and a branch of mathematics where the physical dimensions of form are studied, whether it’s within the shape of a room, or wherever spatial relationships are observed. Leonardo Da Vinci was one of the first scientists to lay the foundational understanding of geometrical relationships and how they are found expressed in nature and in the cosmos.

Sacred means that it is holy. When holy places are built, churches or mosques for example, people have, throughout time taken into account the importance of sacred geometry within the structure of the buildings. The foundation for this relationship lies in the number phi, which should not be confused with the number pi. Phi or the golden ratio, as it is known, is represented by the number 1,618 and has come to be very popular in our current age amongst designers and estheticians. It is considered the perfect ratio for beauty and it is used in all types of design so that we have a feeling of balance when behold pictures or structures using on this ratio.

Adolf Zeising, the German philosopher, amongst others, observed that the golden ratio is found in many natural forms. A good example of this would be the sunflower: When the sunflower is in bloom it turns to face the sun. Looking at the structure of the flower itself one can observe spirals formed in opposite directions. The number of spirals in one direction is greater than the other. The number of spirals in either direction is typically either 21 or 34 or 34 and 55. This ratio of numbers is the same as the golden section, very close to 1.6180. The corresponding angle, known as the golden angle, is 137.5 degrees.

If we come back to the question of how its possible that we can feel better sleeping under a duvet even when the pattern is not observed during the hours of the night, we can look back as far as 300 years before <Christ. Eukelides described in his mathematical works, Elementalist, the golden ratio when dealing with geometry. Many followed his ideas though the years.

In the early 1900s, research was conducted into these relationships that we cannot see.

From popular science there is one theory is that geometric patterns create a resonance from the quantum level of small particles forming holograms around them. So although we cannot see the pattern with our physical eyes, they are there anyway and we experience this. We feel it’s subtle effects.

Carl Sagan was a scientist who was very big in the 80s, with his television series, Cosmos. Amongst other things, Carl set out to describe the differences between the different dimensions so we could understand how the fourth dimension, the so-called room-time dimension functions. This dimension is not something we can see with our eyes, but it is there and affecting us all the time. If a computer simulation is used we start to get a clearer idea of what it is he is describing.

When all the patterns are added into a computer program and lines are drawn so that we can see them in the 4th dimension you begin to grasp how it would affect me if I stood in the symbol. We have not yet reached the point that we have good models to explain how quantum particles “dialogue, signal or talk” to each other and how our environment affects our physical body.

It is in the major laboratories at the forefront of this kind of research, where the answers will come to our questions in the end. Places such as CERN, outside Geneva in Switzerland (CERN is regarded as the leading laboratory in the world for high-energy physics and the world’s largest laboratory for research in particle physics) .

We at Poise Pattern look forward one day to receiving answers from the studies and experiments under way in various parts of the world, studies that can show why our patterns give you more balance and wellbeing.


Until such a day arrives, we move onwards. Every day we receive comments from our satisfied customers who give us so much positive feedback. We want you to experience this gift already. Using our duvets, sheets and towels close to your body and bringing you balance.

They vibrate

When I hold my designs, I feel them vibrating in my hands and I see the perfect angles and tune in each pattern. There really is a special energy when the total balances arise. These patterns cocoon you in comfort. By using our products, with their carefully selected materials, colors and geometric patterns in your daily life we believe that you will also notice more balance in your life.



POISE PATTERN makes a difference to people and the environment. Our organic products enhance positive feelings in the atmosphere. The designs utilize patterns in sacred geometry as well as color vibrations as combined tools to enhance different aspects of your life.

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